Health Kick – free health advice

for students, run by students…

Healthkick recognises that young people have a personal responsibility to ensure that they lead healthy and productive lives. Our services will ensure that secondary schools students across the country have access to a wide range of educational health resources.


"We aim to stub out teenage smoking"

Our core – we aim to ‘stub-out teenage smoking’ We will provide:

  • A free and confidential service
  • Student-to-student support
  • online and in-school student clinics

Other Health Kick aims:

  • Healthy eating education
  • The truth about dieting
  • Emergency life skills training
  • Improving lifestyle choices

Health Kick was founded by a student, for students

This Health Kick service has been a hit at Thamesview Secondary School since late 2009, with many students taking advantage of the free and friendly services. We’re now growing the service so it will be in your school soon – do you want to help Health Kick grow? Click here We aim to stub out teenage smoking for good Order your free recycling kit today! https://www.facebook.com/kickthehabit.uk?sk=app_254183654609192