Airport Plan

Foster and Partners design for the Thames Hub Airport (click to see  the full design)

Watch the video of Lord Norman Foster present the full plan here - much more than an airport – it’s a projected view of what a future infrastructure development could like in Britain. A joined up thinking, grown up approach that brings together rail, freight, aviation, energy supply, flood protection and regional development.

It comes at a cost not only in £billions, but like any project of this scale in the UK it will have an impact on the environment, wildlife and people will be affected, communities will have to move to make way for the development.

The third runway at Heathrow and  the High Speed 2 projeccts were also with a cost to the environment and communities.

It is an unique opportunity to reassert Britain’s role as an international gateway for people, freight and communications.

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  1. This post was just a lifesaver for a college project I have to hand in tomorrow, thanks!

  2. Michael Smith says:

    Medway council is the ultimate example of censorship. It uses council tax payers money to promote their arguments against such a development, but does not allow publication or deletes any argument contrary to theirs.

    This particularly applies to my local councillors and the local MPs like Crouch and Reckless. They simply won’t listen. Medway needs regeneration and this is the perfect vehicle for it.

    Let us have bread on the table for our enormous number of unemployed, and an infrastructure that is Medway’s, not the left overs from years of pandering to the county town of Maidstone.

  3. Sean says:

    An airliner crashing in central London; something of a lurid scenario, really!
    Supporters, of the (crazed?) Thames Estuary Airport scheme, no-one has questioned whether the level of air traffic will continue, as it has. Airliners are fuelled by kerosene, a hydrocarbon which, by its very nature, is a finite resource.
    Do the supposed users of this proposed airport need to travel, in order to bolster commerce? (High-speed Rail, teleconferencing, etc.??).
    In this project, I see one of those grandiose, ‘posing pouch’/’Bling’ gestures, so loved by governments and business (and some architects!), which will damage the environment and lessen the quality of some people’s lives.
    Finally, France; the same population as the UK, but with twice the land area; the South East is very densely populated, so stuffing another Airport in there as well, is unwise, to put it politely.

  4. Sciurus Vulgaris says:

    Please note the government Epetition Aiming at stimulating parliamentary debate:

    Save the Thames Estuary Airport project

    Responsible department: Department for Transport

    A 24 hour airport serving the interests of the whole of the United Kingdom should go ahead as planned. We the people petition for the project to go ahead . With the high speed rail links to all parts of the country it would serve business and the interests of the population for many years to come. NOTE: The strategic location of the project means noise abatement does not need to be considered in the same way as London Heathrow or any of the existing South East airports

  5. Ebbsfleet says:

    Airports are always going to cause some environmental impacts where ever they are located, however the demand for travel will increase as world populations increases in size and economy.
    Over the next 5 years UK will fall well below international levels for international flight take-offs, therefore may loose some international flight paths and deals, therefore flight prices will be inflated.
    In the case of the Thames Estuary the risks can be equated to the benefits. Rail travel to Europe means that many people in the Southeast now have the option to take a train to an airport in Europe, then take an international flight onward.

    But this is far from ideal for many passenger types, taking the journey requires;

    - firstly that you travel to an international train station to leave the UK
    - then extended check-in time for another flight as an international in another country.
    - airport taxes vary

    Obviously if in the UK we do not address flight capacity issues soon, this trend will become much more popular. Rail and flight operators will develop structured deals to accommodate passengers that compete with UK escalating flight prices.

    The benefits of hosting an airport with access to international rail services works very well for travel, economy and trade. By creating a centralised travel hub such as in Brussels will reduce the amount of short haul flights (calculate CO2) and increase access to other international locations.

    Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are located in the south of the UK, each of these airports has struggled to expand and always will have these problems because they are built on-shore in and over populated areas.

    At first the idea is to examine different places along the area and have studies on how to transform these locations to reduce the impact on the environment. Off-shore is good for expansion as well as reducing the impact on the surrounding environments and land. Ultimately the cost to rescue wildlife from the environmental changes will come at a cost. More resources need to be spent to evolve a plan that works for both sides, otherwise charity and public funds will be spent to battle pointlessly together.

  6. Splash Ltd [Graham Britton] says:

    If Britain offers the best transit hub in the future then it will be natural for people through out Europe to use it. An airport to the East of London would reduce flight times and air polution through planes being in the air for less time. Noise polution over London would be greatly reduced. Sadly if Heathrow is left as the major London airport the greater the likely hood will be that a plane will crash land in Central London. I travel to Paris nearly every week by Eurostar and I am saddened by the way we continue to slip behind the French. We need to protect our jobs in the UK not hand them to France and Germany.

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