What does Litigation Solicitors do?

The crucial role of litigation solicitors have always been realized in the system. These are responsible in resolving the disputes of their clients. Among the issues that can be handled by these professionals are neighbor disputes, landlord and tenant issues, unpaid bills, and even professional negligence. Aside from these, intellectual property disputes, breach of contracts and agreements and general business disputes are also handled by the said solicitors. Do you need litigation solicitor based in London – check out Selachii LLP for more.


A Closer Look at What they do

 Initially, clients would approach these solicitors so that they can obtain advice. In this sense, the solicitors are obliged to evaluate the stand of their client’s claim. It does not even matter what it is. It has to be studied accordingly. Afterwards, steps are to be taken. To successfully work on this, the solicitor has to read documentations which are relevant to the case. These would be obtained from the clients. Opinion may be formulated this way. This is a chance to have a prospect to the success of the whole situation.

Solicitors are expected to advise their client about the real status of their claim. They have to be honest in doing this. They would be the one to draw the line, as to whether the case is strong or not. It is possible to settle anyway. Everyone is entitled to this. Usually, alternatives are also discussed. There are instances when the adviser would tell the client if the claim is weak. However, if good defence is established, that should set a different tone for the scenario.


Court proceedings are normally being issued by the civil litigation. This is a way to deal with the drafting and disclosure of witness statements. The Counsel will always be instructed to attend a trial. This is when the trial bundles are prepared. Most of the time, documentation is required and asked by the court. This should be presented in a pre and post-trial basis.

Most courts pursue ADR or the Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is when parties declare documents on the court as to whether there is a need for a month stay in the court proceedings. This is the answer to the attempt of settling the issues claimed. This is termed as an alternative.


Mediations are frequently attended by civil litigation. This may also be done in settlement meetings. Usually, parties are tasked to sit around a table. They carry this out so that an agreement may be come about. This depends on the kind of dispute there is though. ADR goes in the form of arbitration. This is becoming popular these days.


It usually depends upon the type of firm there is. Advocacy may be gone for. This is completed by representing the client at various applications in the interim court. Participation may also be asked in pre-trial hearings and management conferences.


Throughout his career, solicitors have to attend conferences with the counsel. This is a chance to prepare for trial and discuss cases. There is a dual role performed by the solicitor here. They would assist the barrister and ensure clients are oriented.

Examples of Financial Negligence

Did you lose your money because of your advisor or accountant’s (or someone else related to your financial matters) negligence? Remember it falls under financial negligence and you can file a case against the person for misleading you in your financial matters. Financial negligence could be of various kinds and it is sometimes hard to prove because financial matters are hard to deal with. How could your advisor advise you about something even he/she did not know about? Could you prove a case against him for financial negligence in such a scenario? These are questions that require the experts’ eye and a professional solicitor’s attention. Here, we give a few examples of financial negligence that could help you understand what it is about.

Bad Financial Advice by your Advisor

Suppose you have a financial advisor who advises you on all your financial investments and decisions. And because of his advice, you end up losing a lot of your money. You feel that it was negligence on part of your advisor. You should immediately contact a professional lawyer and explain the situation to him and consult him before taking any further action. The actions of your financial adviser could be challenged and questioned and if he or she is proven guilty they could be made to pay for your loss.


Negligence by the Accountant

Similarly, another example of financial negligence could mistakes of your accountant. For example, your accountant might have failed to make your income statement properly. Or your accountant might have failed to add up your income properly because of which your taxes could have ended up to be different than what they actually would have been which could lead you to face some trouble. In such cases, the accountant can be held responsible and could be proven guilty and made to pay for your losses if you hire a professional and experienced solicitor to work on your case.

Misrepresentation of Financial facts

Similarly, when you are making an investment, it is important that you are provided with all the relevant facts and there is no misrepresentation in that. However, if your investment fails because of some misrepresentation of facts, you can take up the case against the responsible person. In such cases, it has to be proven that there was a misrepresentation of facts and it is because of that misrepresentation that you faced a loss in your investment. Proving the fact that the loss is a cause of misrepresentation is very important in such cases.

Negligence in Warning against an Investment’s Risks

Another example of financial negligence is the case when you are not told or warned about the risks of making an investment. This failure could happen from the company requesting your investment, your advisor or accountant or any other person in the chain. In such cases, if you lose your money, it is possible to hold the responsible people accountable and make them pay for the losses they made you suffer.


Things to Check before Hiring a Lawyer

A lawyer or an attorney defends the client in the court. Sometimes, a client may be facing heinous charges and even in such circumstances lawyers try their level best to protect the interest of their clients. However, not every lawyer comes with best qualities, knowledge and experience. Therefore, the hiring of an attorney becomes quite an important decision that anyone has to take. Today, I will provide you with some information across this subject. Believe me, I have seen simple cases getting worst just of the poor quality of lawyers.

Check their Background

Every lawyer cannot handle varying kind of stuff. Some lawyers comes with a specialization in handling of tax related stuff. While some other can perform well in the cases related to criminal justice. Thus, you should keep this point in mind. Check whether your perspective lawyer have a solid background and previous experience in handling the kind of case that you are facing or not?

Check their Reviews

Lawyers today like to maintain an online existence like anybody else. Their websites are good to get some basic information about their caliber and strengths. You can read comments left by their clients. Different services have different scales to provide you with an idea about a professional. You can check whether the one you are dealing with have a good rating or not.

Don’t go for Self-Acclaimed Experts

Usually, some self-acclaimed and so called experts try to fool people especially in the tax returns filing dates. They made mouthwatering kind of promises. You as a customer should keep yourself aware and away from such fakers. They do not only steal your money but can also blackmail you at a later stage. Remember, good always comes at a price! Don’t forget to check the trending rates. If someone is promising you to provide good services at an odd rate then there must be a hidden issue underneath.

Ask Your Colleagues & Friends

Consulting with your colleagues and friends about the experiences they had undergone during their interaction with the lawyers is a very helpful method for finding a quality lawyer. However, don’t discuss your personnel matters with everyone. Keep such kind of discussion limited to those whom you can trust. Sometimes, people use such classified information in maligning and blackmailing others.